When first starting our agency, we worked on commission specializing in marketing-focused sponsorships at entertainment attractions. On one hand, it was a good business model. Clients could never leave because we had and maintained all the relationships!

But the focus changed after our founder, B. Parker Harrington, was invited to share her insights at several nonprofit conferences.

Charitable missions moved her, plain and simple. And they moved us, too. So we started experimenting with a system to address nonprofits’ toughest fundraising challenges.



We’re now best known for our wide-ranging sponsorship and engagement expertise including an Integrated Model the provides a streamlined approach to intentional introductions with companies, foundations and individuals. And, a year ‘round system to steward relationships and produce sustainable outcomes.

We help clients meet specific goals to help deliver on mission. Sometimes that’s implementing our model. Other times it’s tackling a particular project like identifying opportunities, retooling benefits, generating prospects or inspiring board members.

We interpret, educate, create and implement.



Over the last 20 years, we’ve created ethical programs for scores of clients of all sizes in markets across the country. We are also the preferred trainers for many statewide nonprofit organizations.

It is a real privilege to share our expertise and have a hand in helping nonprofits deliver on mission in their communities.


Bank of America recently selected our founder, B. Parker Harrington, to share her knowledge as part of its National Nonprofit Impact Speakers Series. Prior to starting Sponsorship Plus, she worked in marketing for Six Flags Darien Lake as well as a News Anchor.


We’re committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

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Kevin Kay, Development

Kim Cox, Marketing

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